Start of installation


Thank you for purchasing a Garden Hippo, a complete water recycling system.




The Garden Hippo comes ready assembled, the lid is lockable with the key shown.



O-righ O-ring


The drain plug and O ring are already fitted.






Under the lid you will see the two entry points for the rain water and household water. You will see the diverter valves



They give you the option to save the water or divert it straight to waste.

You are in charge. During the spring and summer you can save as much waste water and rain water as you require for watering.The household water should be diverted to the tank along with the rain water. During autumn and winter clean-out the tank then collect rain water only; this water will be filtered so you can use this for cleaning the car and general washing down.

The Hippo should be sited on level ground close to a waste water outlet so the waste pipe from the Hippo can easily be installed. The outlet gives the possibility for left or right access.


The rain water input can be plumbed into either side or use the 800 micron filter. There are two reducers supplied which gives you the possibility to use 2 inch, 1 ½,1 ¼ waste pipe. The Garden Hippo kit comes with the best rainwater diverter that we have come across. The fitting instructions are on the box. A 1 ¼ outlet can be used on the diverter to go straight to the Hippo using normal waste pipe from a B&Q for instance. The reducers supplied.


Water from the house (bath and shower, kitchen water and washing machine dishwasher) can be plumbed in to either side of the hippo, and use the 200 micron filter marked with the red ring.

The Hippo comes with two reducers so you can choose the size of pipe from the house 2 inch, 1 ½, 1 ¼

The Filters.

The 200 micron Filter marked with the red ring is for the household waste water and is designed to extract food waste and cotton fibres from the washing machine. The 800 micron filter has slightly larger holes and is designed to extract grit and moss from the rain water. Both filters can be removed by pulling on the tag and can be washed under the tap when they have collected debris and replaced.


Using the dosing fluid supplied use one 25mil or one measure per week when using the hippo with recyled water or rain water


Drain plug

If the solids build up in the bottom of the tank you should remove the plug and o ring drain and wash out the tank then replace the o ring and plug and use as normal. You may need to run the pump when there is water in the hippo and remove the air in the pump by removing the pipe and running the pump till full flow has returned.

The pump, and internal filter


The pump comes with 10m of cable and you just switch on when you are ready to water. If your property is not protected by a 30 mill/ amp RCD we strongly suggest you obtain a trip plug to connect the Hippo. After prolonged use you may find that the flow reduces from the hose pipe this will be because the internal filter is clogged up. Remove the plug from the electrical connection. Remove the pump, turn it so you can access the base, turn the lugs on the base and remove filter. Clean filter under the tap and refit (see photo) after putting the pump back in you may need to let the air out (air lock) simply remove the Hozelock connector on top of the pump and run the pump until the water pumps out as normal. Reconnect the hose and water the garden as usual.