Why pay for tap water when rainwater will do?

Reduce potable water use and save on water bills.
Increasing demands on water supply results in water costs rising.
Supplementary tank easily added to double or triple storage capacity.
Help the environment by saving carbon.
The strong, sturdy, durable roto-molded tank will last for more than ten years.
Calmed water inlet, 100 micron filters and well researched pump suitable for the job you require it to do. It is greater value than the sum of its parts!
Lockable lid makes the pump accessible and hose connector included.
Easy to fit and use.
Versatile – can be used for the work place or the garden.
2 year product guarantee.


At Garden Hippo we are developing products which help homes and businesses be more water efficient. Why use tap water when rainwater or greywater will do? Rising populations, water stress, climate change and carbon emissions are global issues which these products help solve.



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